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If you don't mind, tell us about your wheel and tire setup.

Red Z06
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I will be running BFG gforce R1A 295/35-18 with 275/40-17 in the front. Being that my car will arive in 2 to 3 weeks, I have not had a chance to try them. I was able to run two Solo II events with my 94 Vette with Grand Sport wheels. I wanted to compare the Hoosier road race compond to the BFG. So, I put the tires on the front wheels. The Hoosier seem to work much better. The reason I am running the BFG's is that I saw them on tirerack's web site for the rear for $120 and I bought four. The performance I feel will improve for the BFG when it heats up down hear in New Orleans and the added width will also help. Regardless, it seem BFG is pulling out and know one else is making an ideal tire for the Z06 rears. A 295/30-18 would be great.

Jose Gonzalez
Primo Racing one bad black Corvette
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