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Valentine One Radar/Laser 1996 Model

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I tried to save a few pennies by getting an immaculate but used V1 on ebay. I found out the unit I got did not have the enhanced Ka band upgrade (after I bought it) that they have on current models or the LED indicator of the band being received. The guy at Valentine said my unit is still going to smoke all the others out there. Do you agree? An upgrade to bring it up to best model specs is $250. Ouch! I looked on and (interesting sites BTW) but can't find the specific radar in use in my state.
With all this said am I too vulnerable in the unit I am in to keep it and does anyone know where I can find a site that displays if I am going to see much Ka in my state?

I can turn around and resell this on ebay or wait for something really cool to be added by Valentine and bite the big bullet. Thanks.
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