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I purchased my Vararam a few months back and Its great, I talked to Steve and Patrick at Vararam along the way to get the right filter, they told me the upfront truth, they told me to run the "street filter" on those beach trips and to run a "race filter" for track days...

I ran my street filter for 1k miles and decided to clean it and found out the edges were deterated :cry: , I called Vararam this morning and Steve didnt even ask twice, he's sending me a Race filter to replace my deterated one and I even told me I will run another brand(Im order K&N) for the street and he took no offense, what a great Business and a Great Product :thumb: :thumb:

Yes, the filter have their problems, but thats what aftermarket is all about, you have consequences to go faster, the foam filter is very free flowing but it DOES do its job of keeping the engine free of debree, the downfall is that it deterates, I think its the price you pay, and you get what you pay for and then some with a Vararam product, you cant beat that kinda of treatment to constumers...

So next time anyone has a problem with their Vararam, give them a call, they will take care of you...

I thought I would share that since things like that make it that much worth owning a car like ours and puts me in a great mod

I would also add that I purchased the Vararam VR-B2 from and they are really good to deal with :thumb: :thumb:

luis :cheers:
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