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Why does the VaraRam make so much power?

The reason is simple. There are two types of ram air, ducted and accelerated. Using a ducted system allows more air into the air intake system, but relies solely on the forward motion of the vehicle and does not draw back any of the losses due to scoop design or placement. When relying on this forward motion alone, the vehicle would have to run at speeds of 100 MPH+ in order to be beneficial. In an accelerated system, the VR-B2, by accelerating the air as it enters the intake system you do not rely on the forward motion alone. This acceleration of air allows the ram air effect to take place at much lower speeds, where it is most beneficial. A compressed or in correct engineering terms an accelerated system relies on a reverse venturi system to accelerate airflow through the system. This helps to draw back any losses due to scoop design or placement, allowing a vehicle to achieve a Horsepower Boost at much more usable speeds. Most of our systems are designed for low speed use, speeds of 60-120 MPH. Combined with our new race filters that we are just now starting to offer to the public which feature the highest flow rates and lowest pressure drop in the industry.

We have this system on sale for $309.99 with free shipping in the 48 states through Sunday, August 28th!

Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763).

Have a good day!
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