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Vengence Racing "KAOTIK" cam with a SC


so I ordered my WCCH and cam package from vengence Racing and when we were picking out my cam I said how I run a E-force superchager. I said I like the nice rumble of the KAOTIK cam so they said it would work great up to around 9 psi. I just seems like such a N/A cam to me. any thoughts guys. I called them numerous times with my concern of this cam/SC combo and they think my car is gonna be insane. lol

2007/ Z06/ 21,000 kms
B&B LT's, mid Pipe, high flow cats, bullet axle back
E force SC W/ 3.25 pulley might go 3.0
WCCH stage 2, all suporting valve train for cam
kenne bell boost pump
Alky control meth
ngk tr6ix plugs
MSD wire W/ koolsox insulators
heatmaster tunnel shield
160 T stat
High flow oil pump
C5R chain

heads are being built this week and everything ships out by monday. build starts aug 26th. car currently has exhaust and SC on it right now.


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