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Well it looks like we are at it again... designing products for the C6
Corvette. First I would like to invite all registry members to hop over to
our site to view our new C6 section. We have already designed many new
products for the C6 Corvette.

We just finished designing and testing our new Vortex Ram Induction System
(First Production Ram Air System for the C6)for the C6 Corvette and have
some interesting results. First let me explain how we get our results. We do
all the runs on the same day and within 30 min of each other. The first 5
runs were done using the stock system. Second 5 runs with the Vortex Ram
Induction System. Another 5 runs with the stock system and yet another 5
runs with the Vortex Ram Induction System. All the runs were on our C6
Automatic Z51 Corvette. All runs done with the hood down and a high flow fan
in front. All the runs and testing was done on Monday the 13th.

Results on stock system between 320.4 RWHP and 313 RWHP
Results with the Vortex System Between 353.4 to 347.2 RWHP

Gains are about 28 to 30 RWHP!! That is about 34-41 Flywheel HP without even
having the ram air effect which should produce another 10+ at speed. We
figured the stock system was still restrictive and still picking up the hot
air from the engine compartment. Our Vortex system has again proven itself
to be the #1 Ram Induction due to its design and the first to the market for
the C6. Our ram air system has the Vortex Ram Induction Box, Powerduct and
all couplers as a complete kit.

We welcome anyone to come to our facility and see it for themselves. We plan
on also doing some runs with the filters removed but still running the stock
system to see if it is the filters that are restrictive.

Next to be tested would be our Long tube step headers which is planed for

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