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Anybody have any wheels for sale? Looking for an extra set of factory fresh aluminum alloy 5 spoke C5 wheels, two fronts in 17x8.5" and two rears in 18x9.5" widths respectively.

Are wheels off the coupe and convertible compatible with the Z06? I suspect the wheel offsets are the same, which explains why the 1" wider wheels for the Z06 stick out slightly from the front and rear wheel wells. Conversely, 1" narrower should result in them being slightly recessed.

For the street I think I'd rather run a less expensive set of tires on 1" narrow wheels like the '99-00 H/T and switch back to the Z06 factory wheels and tires (expensive) only for the track. This would also allow an opportunity to have a set of street wheels chromed or polished without putting the car in the shop.

I have a friend who might be able to sell me a new set of C5 OEM factory five spokes at a good price. But just curious, does anyone know the price through a dealer?

Please reply privately if you wheels for sale.
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