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So I am trying to find a big group of vettes(and if we can get enough people from here, they will all be Z06's) to mob together to one or a few shows. The Corvette show in anacortes is the first show and we are definately going to that, who else is going, write me a private message with your location and I will try to get a meeting location to gether that is as close as possible for all of us. Also last year was our first year going to XXX and I Loved it, so cruising to that would be a blast too.
We are not club oriented or trying to tread on anyones toes, just want to cruise with a badass group of vettes with some good people who love there car(or cars) as much as we do.
oh and just so everyone knows, we are in Washington State, I am located on Whideby Island, thanks for viewing.
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