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I just watched the owners video on the web site. Thanks to whoever put it on here. I couldn't help but notice the graphics that twice said, " see you warranty book before participating in racing or other competitive events.” Who has any experience with a GM service facility doing warr repairs that knows you autoX or otherwise race? Has anyone been turned down for warranty repairs or been told that a GM rep was going to come and examine the car?
The way I figure it is that I do nothing at an autocross that I don't do when road, traffic, and weather conditions permit whether on a public road or a big ol' piece of vacant asphalt. True; being timed and in proximity to other drivers may motivate you to push the limits, but I believe true driving needs no other motivation than an internal pursuit of excellence. Ok, ok, bringing home a trophy or two for the kiddos can be gratifying.
Looking 4ward to all feedback.
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