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Warranty Wording

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OK, I'm still pissed with the warranty issue, and I can't find any papers with my stuff to check the actual wording.

Does anybody have the paper's handy so they can post the actual wording here. I'm very curious to read it. I assume a lot of others are as well.

If I'm beating this out of porportion let me know and I'll stop with my tirade.
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You made me curious after your other post and I went to look for my warranty information which was supposed to be in a second book. I put all of that stuff in the glove compartment, but I don't have one. Now I am a little pissed.

What do they look like?
I think there may be a larger, more incidious conspiracy. The GM Genies have taken all of our warranty information...

Just kidding...
I am not at my office with scanner so I will not type the whole thing but on page 8 of the Warranty and Owners Assistance Information is says

What is not covered:
Misuse of the vechicle such as driving over curbs (DOH) overloading, racing, or other competitions. Proper vechicle use is discussed in the Owners Manual.
Alteration or modification to the vechicle including the body, chassis or components after final assembly by GM.
Problem solved, I got my warranty book and it basically says: parts broken as the result ofracing--and many other things--are not covered.

It does not say that any racing will void the entire warranty. I made a new post and typed it all in. I wish I could just delete this whole post, and a few others where I was an idiot.
You are correct, but if your car went in with engine problems as a result from racing that they could prove, your engine is now void of warranty, they will repair other parts under warranty but the engine would be on you then.
If you want the post to go away click on the edit button and the delete the post, or let us know and it will go away.

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