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Went to the track yesterday!!!

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Took the Z06 down to US41 yesterday (car club I'm a member of rented it out for the day.) It was in the low 90s, and SUPER humid, so I wasn't expecting much. The car was feeling poochy (to me anyways) so I figured if I could run the same times as I did when the car was stock (and in cool weather) then I'd go home a happy camper.

Well I did a little better than that:

60 --- 1.942
330 -- 5.339
1/8 -- 8.040
MPH -- 91.48
1000 - 10.344
1/4 -- 12.295
MPH -- 117.74

Needless to say, I was a little happy when I got the slip (was dancing in the drivers seat while coming down the return road /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif ). I can't remember what the actual correction factor was, but they said with the weather, it was the equivalent of racing at 4500' (local tracks here are ~1500' ) The car was VERY consistent... out of 12 passes, 8-9 of them were 12.4x's in the low 117s (had 1 12.2, one 12.6, one 13.5 and one 16-something - clutch got hot and wouldn't let me into gear ) But all-in-all, not bad considering the car is stock aside from an intake, long-tube headers, and pulled cats. I'm wondering what some of the small stuff will get me (ported TB, TBB, new plugs/wires, etc.) along with some cooler, less humid air.
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Hmmm... well thanks for the tip Frank! After yesterday, I've been gettin a little "greedy" tryin to figure out little ways to go faster /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif Now I know a TB isn't one of them.

Actually, now that you mention it, I remember seeing a thread a little while ago on bigger TB's with no hp gain...
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Hey guys... sorry I've been neglecting this post...

Running TPIS long-tubes, NastyPerformance-modifiled Corsa X-pipe, stock cat-back, NastyPerformance intake with Halltech CF Mag.

Launch was ~2500 or so, did exactly as I've read to do, slipped the clutch out quickly over the first 10 feet or so. I'm normally very consistent 2.0x - 1.9x 60s (tho that 1.94 is my best so far, usually they're 1.98/1.99) Usually I drop the clutch around 2200 or so, good for 2.0s, and consistent 12.4x's. Just had a GREAT pass that time.

This was on stock 12,000 mile F1 SC's. I have NO idea about the air pressure. Drove it off the street, straight to tech and then staging.
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