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Went to the track yesterday!!!

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Took the Z06 down to US41 yesterday (car club I'm a member of rented it out for the day.) It was in the low 90s, and SUPER humid, so I wasn't expecting much. The car was feeling poochy (to me anyways) so I figured if I could run the same times as I did when the car was stock (and in cool weather) then I'd go home a happy camper.

Well I did a little better than that:

60 --- 1.942
330 -- 5.339
1/8 -- 8.040
MPH -- 91.48
1000 - 10.344
1/4 -- 12.295
MPH -- 117.74

Needless to say, I was a little happy when I got the slip (was dancing in the drivers seat while coming down the return road /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif ). I can't remember what the actual correction factor was, but they said with the weather, it was the equivalent of racing at 4500' (local tracks here are ~1500' ) The car was VERY consistent... out of 12 passes, 8-9 of them were 12.4x's in the low 117s (had 1 12.2, one 12.6, one 13.5 and one 16-something - clutch got hot and wouldn't let me into gear ) But all-in-all, not bad considering the car is stock aside from an intake, long-tube headers, and pulled cats. I'm wondering what some of the small stuff will get me (ported TB, TBB, new plugs/wires, etc.) along with some cooler, less humid air.
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Super passes, omniglh!

Great ETs and traps. Especially with the unfavorable density altitudes.

Sub-2.0 short times are hard to get in the Z06. Not many have done that. Congratulations.

Which headers and cold air air you running? Have you dynoed the car as modded? Where you on stock tires? If so, what air pressure were you running?

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