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What do I need to Know

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Hi Guys,
It seems I have no idea what I should do next.I have had the Z for 3 months and 3k miles and have done only oil and harness w/ bar.
Hope to go to Summet Piont and the Glenn this spring. The machine is still box stock. Need some ideas and cost on what and when to do things as well as where to find parts.
Thanks in advance

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First you should decide what exactly you want you car to do. Are you going to street drive it 95% of the time and an occassional track time,are you going to autocross it and time trial it twice a year, etc. If you plan to heavily campaign the car, you should look at tires, suspension, suspension geometry, etc. I do a fair number of these myself and when I ran my stock 64FI with wheels and tires (8 x 15 wheels) I routinely beat all but a half dozen of the modified cars. However, the suspension was adjusted to the limits of the stock settings (all the camber I could get, zero toe, 2.75 degrees camber, etc.) The driver is still the most important part. With the right drivers in the modified cars, they completely blew me away.

My advise is to become comfortable with the car )bone stock--proper suspension geometry) and then determine what you want to impove. If drag racing is your forte, then the speed items really should improve your times.

One last thought, Determine what sanctioning body you are going to run, get their rules and then start setting up you car. The most discouraging people I know are those who show up at an event with a highly modified car and placed in a class they cannot compete in. e.g. cold air package, stock suspension, without competitive suspension and tires. They get blown away-even by stock-stock cars and do not come back.

Enjoy the Z06, it is awsome in its stock form.

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You're also going to need some sort of transmission cooler. I'm waiting on one from GM.

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You might consider doing what I plan to do. Go to the Corvette Cruise In on 5/24-7 at the NCM and see, in person, what others are doing. Impliment the best of what you see.

Most guys with mods are experimenting and probably most have made suboptimal decisions. Most of these people are honest enough to tell you when their decison is less than optimal. I think as someone else mentioned, have a plan as to what you want to do.

I myself don't plan to do anything that will void my warranty.


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