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Thanks to all for recommending me to DTE, although I do have a question for all you guys that have cammed your cars. DTE has a new package out now that is supposed to be very reliable as well as putting down some power. I just wanted to know if you think going this route would be a good idea (even price wise) or if I should go down a different road. (I'm looking at doing a cam only swap and am trying for 420rwhp with my current mods) With all of that said, here it is....

1997-2004 LS1 & LS6 Corvette
5.7L Camshaft- Valvetrain Upgrade Package (N/A)
45-55 BHP Gain Over Stock

Performance Package Upgrade Includes:
- Necessary engine disassembly and component inspection
- DTE engineered, proprietary steel hydraulic roller camshaft
- Competition Cams HD dual valve spring set
- Competition Cams HD titanium valve spring retainer set
- Competition Cams HD hardened pushrod set
- Competition Cams hardened steel valve spring cups and shims
- HD Viton valve seals
- HD double roller 3-piece timing set
- New GM harmonic balancer bolt
- 160* engine coolant thermostat
- DTE stainless steel auxiliary AFR sensor bung and plug kit installed
- Necessary engine gaskets
- Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil
- AC/Delco engine oil filter
- DTE ported engine oil pump w/ PRV modification upgrade
- DTE exclusive PCV modification upgrade
- NGK V-Groove spark plug set
- Misc. fluids, chemicals and sealants
- Professional installation and O.E. appearance
- Chassis dyno testing before and after installation
- DTE road/dyno custom PCM calibration
- DTE’s written, limited 2 yr./24,000 mile component/workmanship warranty

Complete Package Price: $3199.00

Eric :z:

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DTE has been very reliable, and I recommended them. However, I question a potential 55 bhp increase from just the cam and valvetrain upgrades in the package. Would like to know the cam specs. I think the number would be more in the low 40 bhp range. Does that get you to 420 rwhp? The cost seems reasonable for what you are getting. :thumb:


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Cam installation with crane duals or Comp 921's valve spring kits shouldn't cost 3200 dollars.

I am sure its an excellent package and the warranty is nice too.

A lot of what they have in their description is propriety so its hard to tell all the details...but without the warranty? I know I would pay about 2200 tops. (give or take 10%)

I don't know DTE at all so please don't see this as a flame in anyway.

I'm sure their propietary (sp) efforts and warranty are worth something if you feel you need it.

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"A lot of what they have in their description is propriety so its hard to tell all the details"

complete cam package from thunderacing: 500 bucks.
complete cam installation 600-800
computer tunning 450
Total: ~2200 tops

3200 is way too much

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I agree, it seems a little high for a cam only package. More than what I paid and I put down 433 whp with a cam only and kooks setup. That was also with the stock pulley and stock t-stat.
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