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If you are a U.S. citizen and in the process of preparing and filing your taxes then you must have across a variety of different tax forms. IRS form 1310 is one of those forms. If you are thinking about what is IRS Form 1310 then do not worry. Here we will talk about this form in detail.

Being a taxpayer, you need to file Form 1310 IRS when someone from your family passed away in the middle of the financial year and you need to claim the federal tax refund. This refund can be claimed by the designated executor of the estate, but if no one has been named as an administrator then it gets passed on to a survivor of the deceased taxpayer. Generally, the 1310 IRS Form is filed by the living spouse.

In most of the cases, the surviving spouse of the deceased taxpayer or the already-named executor of the estate gets the right to file the IRS Form 1310. To become the executor, the person has to be named in the will made by the deceased person. If there is no will left by the person then a probate court will name a person to take up the role.

One more thing is, you have to fill out the form on paper and then mail it to the IRS. There is no option for electronically filing this form. If you are wondering where to mail IRS form 1310 then here is the answer. You can mail it to the same IRS Center where you have filed the original return.

At this point, you must have realized how important it is to fill out this form on time. But doing everything on your own can become a little bit overwhelming. This is when the need of hiring a professional tax expert arises. If you are wondering how to get the proper assistance then do not worry. We have got your back. There is no need to make Google searches like ‘Tax Preparation Near Me’. You can take virtual tax services as well. Not sure how to get started? You can call us on +1-888-660-0575. We are available 24x7.
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