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What is the Torque specs?

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What is the Torque specs for the lug nuts for the Z06? I am getting ready to be mounting and unmounting them with frequency, and would like to know what the number is.

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Generally, it's 100 lb-ft of torque.
According to the GM On-Line Manual, torque specs are 100 Ft. Lbs.
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Another tip:

Use a quality "clicker type" torque wrench, not the beam bar with pointer. They are not accurate enough. I work at Detroit Diesel Corporation in the Engineering Lab, and we are not allowed to use the beam type torque wrench at all. When you torque your lug nuts, do it in sequential steps...30 ft/lbs, 60 ft/lb, etc. Always going in a criss cross (star) pattern to equalize the clamping force.

Hope this helps,
Thanks for the info, guys.
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