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On Tuesday I'll drop off my Z06 for multitude of problems:

1. Oil consumption test
2. DIC is dead (I'm flying blind)
3. Seat belt retractor needs to be replaced
4. Alignment is out (after 5K miles)
5. Strange clicking sound in engine

OK, I'll stop ranting about the quality problems.

Here's the useful bit you might want to know: My dealer was well acquanted with the problem, and said that it's critical to have a record of the oil consumption problem, because my dealer will report this to GM. Down the road, if the oil consumption ever falls below GM's absurd "within range" levels (around 1 quart every 500 miles or so, I'm not sure exactly), then I'll have it on record that my car was consuming a lot of oil, and this increases the likely hood that I'll get a free repair even after my car goes out of the 30K warrantee.

So, while I know the oil consumption test won't help me now, it seems like it could help me later, at least according to my dealer.

Any comments?
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