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What's the "column lockup" problem?

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This weekend, while jump-starting my Z06 (don't ask), I was unable to unlock the steering column. I had to fold the side mirrors in to squeeze the car out my garage door so I could jump it.

After letting it run awhile after the jump to recharge the batter, I stopped the car, removed the key, started it again, and this seemed to "unlock" the steering wheel.

Now I get this irritating "Service Column Lock" message every time I start the car, and I wonder if I'm going to lose my steering midway down an on ramp and die a fiery, violent death.

Is this the "column lockup" problem I've read about? Can dealers fix it?

Between this and the oil consumption problems, I am beginning to get annoyed at the Z...


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I have a 1998 c5!!! I just picked up my vehicle a day ago at the dealer. They had to fix mt Clutch Master Cylinder that went bad 2 weeks after Warranty expired... Well today I have an DIC Error. Yep, a "Service Column Lock." Well Jesse, I even had left my keys in the ignition and thought well maybe that was the cause!!! or perhaps worling on the 6 speed manual at the dealership could have triggered the problem... Jesse James with 3 Vettes is lucky man... 1st for having 3 Vettes and 2nd for having no problems... I am sure soon you will be eating your words. Until then continue to knock on wood my friend!!!
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