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What's up with the car mags and the Z06?

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The 2002 Z06 is actually hitting the showroom floors now and I don't know of one car mag that has done any testing on it yet. It used to be the mags would get a car to test way before the public. I can only assume they've fallen out of favor with Chevrolet to some extent.
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I think it was car and driver that had a one page read out on the 02' Z. It said "the new 405 hp Z06" on the top. I don't think they had the car to test though. It seemed as if they just used G.M.'s numbers. They talked alot of S%@t about the 01' Z and how much better the 02' was so I didn't like the article that much. In reality, the differences are so suttle between the two that it would take an extensive amount of drive time in each car and a very experienced driver to even be able to realize a difference between the two. 20 hp on 385 isn't even noticeable. The only reason a big fuss is made about the differencs is because it came so soon after the conception of the Z06 model. Had the extra 20 ponies came in the 03' or 04' model it would not have been much of an issue.
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