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Wheel Hop

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In certain situations, I am getting some very ugly wheel hop with the Z06. It seems worse with the Road Race tires as compared to stock tires. I did not have this problem with my C4. Is this a problem with all C5 or Z06? The changes I have made consist of droping the car as far as it would go by the factory adjustments and an Auto X alignment just like I had on the C4. Any ideas.

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Not to be a precher, but these cars are not ment for the drag strip. They are set up for road course. I have to believe that shocks will help alot, you need that ass end to squat down and transfer weight. That comdined with softer drag type tires should do the trick. You can't pull one G in the corner on drag slicks and you can't pull a nasty holeshot (for the most part) with road race tires. If I am wrong go ahead and bitch at me and set me straight.;)
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