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Wheel Hop

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In certain situations, I am getting some very ugly wheel hop with the Z06. It seems worse with the Road Race tires as compared to stock tires. I did not have this problem with my C4. Is this a problem with all C5 or Z06? The changes I have made consist of droping the car as far as it would go by the factory adjustments and an Auto X alignment just like I had on the C4. Any ideas.

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The consensus seems to be that to overcome the wheel hop you can either launch softer, not acceptable but necessary, or add an adjustable shock. The most commonly noted on is the Hal adjustable. Most of the guys there say that putting the setting on 12 in back and 5 up front will get the rear to stick. I am going to do them on mine because I can't stand the wheel hop. I always think something is breaking.
Do the ET streets have a shorter aspect then the 18" stock tires? If so, how will that affect the performance of the car in the quarter? Thanks for your advice.
Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking to find out. I am going to go with the MT ET streets when I get finished paying for my new heads. Never enough money for power.
Randy Goss:cheers:
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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