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which intake ?

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I've been watching this forum for a while now and can not make up my mind about what to do with the intake on my Z.Should I leave it stock or modify it.Should I do the Black Wing or go the extra for the Sidewinder.Any sugestions to help me out. Jim G
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Jim, without knowing on how and when you drive your car I would go cold air system, either Vortex or Hall Tech. JMO
This might sound crazy to some but only in nice weather(we don't get that much either up north here) and for the fun of it when I do.I don't plan to race it or anything but I would like a little more punch if I can get it.I was wondering if the LS6 really likes to breathe a little easier. Jim G
If your not going to drive it daily and not in the rain that often then go for a bottom breather, Vortex or Hall Tech are the best bang for the buck. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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From all of the great comments that I got on this forum, I would go with the Halltech, especially the intake with red and black carbon fiber. It looks so good with the Torch Red exterior and Modified Torch Red interior.
They both work great, but if you want looks, get the Haltech. Jim sells a beautiful product. I have the Vortex on both of my Zs...modding 2 Z06s gets expensive. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif
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You will get the same power increase for either one you choose. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Here is my idea for a hybrid intake. I love the looks of the Halltech but I won't risk the bottom feeder...and I don't like to cut holes in my Z. The sidewinder looks kinda silly the way it juts out to just one side. I hear that no filter flows quite the air that the Blackwing does, so I'm gonna buy the Halltech Air bridge together with the Blackwing filter for my new system.
Also I thought I might stick a Z06 fender badge on top of the air bridge just for a little something extra. (That fender badge alone should add 3-4 horses...If I get the 405HP badge, look for 5-6 extra horses)
From now on this mod will be known as "The Paintdog Wind Winder Air Suck Vortex Wing"
Anyway, what do you guys think?
I have the Blackwing, and am happy with it. I too am not interested in chopping holes in my baby.

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Come on Zippy, it's fun to chop up new cars. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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No matter which intake you decide on..the cut of the shroud is really quite easy.

I really would recommend popping that hole..its really that easy (took a minute or less to cut it)..or for 70 dollars you can pay someone to do the installation..

I'm telling you I understand your trepitation but after actually doing the cut..I don't believe its warranted..

Go for it!!!! LOL

No matter what you pick you'll be happy..

You could do the halltech two piece cold air piece set in the underhood position (just turn it sideways) ...then in a month or two if and when you decide you want to go under the could do that too..

I've always like having choices or options..this way you can start one way..then switch to cold air if you like later on.

No matter have one unbelievably fantastic car!!! A world class leader in performance.
To me the versitility seems be what you are looking for..

Just call Jim Hall and tell him what you want as your ordering..This way you get the high polished two piece for the 4 inch maf..

Good luck...

And all the units are good. No wrong answer ..just choices.
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Does HALLTECH have a website? Would like to see a pic of one. I have the red interior on my Speedway White car. It really gives you a SOTP shot eh? Thanks
You would get 80% of the benefit of air intake improvements by spend about 25 cents, but just taking off the shroud on the stock airbox and holding the stock air cleaner in with tie downs. Of curse it has the vice of looking cheap.

I didn't take my own good advice above, and went with the blackwing. Going with a full Vortex and Halltech system adds very little additonal hp benefit at a very high cost, and the real potential to hydrolock the engine in bad weather.
SO, are we saying that these intakes are not good on the street in the rain? Its bound to happen, getting caught in the rain. Anyone have probs getting water up in there? Looking for a recommendation. Thanks!
I know many people that live in Florida and Texas where is rains heavy from time to time and no problems with water through the intake of the bottom breathers.

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Carl's right. I drove my Z to and from the Cruise In, a total of 2000 miles [Boca Raton FL to BG] in the elements with no problem. I have the Vortex system. You still must avoid deep standing water stock or modified. FUBU69/LES

If your worried about the water issue..just buy the 10 or 20 dollar pre filter that they also use on Jet skis...If you should choose the have the options of underhood where its on top of the shroud totally protected over to the left..then if you want cold air put it through the shroud....then if your somewhat concerned put on the prefilter for prefiltered cold air..If you had another option with this would be to fly to you're destination..j/k

You can leave the prefilter on all the time..or leave it in the glove it takes all of about 3 seconds to put on or take off..if you want to even use it..The performance is identical to non prefiltered on identical system..IMO..

Whatever you decide on..enjoy it..

Back way back when..I was just as concerned as you are...I suggest you go for the system that gives you total flexibility..Again..thats just my opinion..after going through the process of underhood intake..then converting to cold air b/c its really better..Just trying to save you the hassle of buying and then selling..if you care.

Bottom line..I don't ever bother with the five minutes to move the filter from undershroud to totally protected above the shroud on the left hand side..b/c as Carl and Fubu with different systems said..its not necessary..

Good luck and enjoy whatever you choose..All the systems are great!
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I've decided to call it a Thermal Management System..LOL..ROTFLMAO.

Carl..I want you realize the performance gain on the two dyno cars tested to date are 26rwhp and 15 lb/ft of torque..even the guy who makes this new system suggests its an abberation to some degree since the second car dyno'd 13 rwhp and 10 lb/ft of torque..

So far the only thing suggested on the second car is that the 14 lb lighter reverse flow water pump system was unable to be fully utilized b/c the cam in the car was changed but the pcm wasnt.

I've read suggestions to the fact that the cam with no changes to the pcm might be lowering the just 13 rhwp..

Still the price on the new unit looks to be about 600 with probably 100 for any mechanic to install..

These are my guesses from what I'm reading..

Don't blame me if I'm off on pricing a little..and I want you to know I'm just kidding about the Thermal Management System title..

Thats an inside joke ...just be aware that Bosch has just announced an electric water pump as part of its thermal management system..Its a pretty cool article on an amazing system.

You'll see it on Bimmers and MB ...possibly Jaguars by 2004..

This new JPR system take the basics...implements them with a focus solely on performance..

Bosch has other primary objectives which of course include emissions and fuel economy..the BMW and MB performance improvement is actually a by product..

Save the wave..and enjoy whatever air intake system you decide to get..they are all good!!!!
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