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Hey John...what's up. I met ya the when I put Antivenom's first dyno.

I saw Greg install a brace and hardened shafts. I recommend you have someone do it, whichever way you go.

As for which to go with.....I remember talking to ya and how you drive(launch) so I would go with the hardened shafts first, s this is what I did. Actually I had BOTH sides put in.

I regularly launch above 5k and haven't brken a shaft yet. But I have been running Et streets. Which I have hi-res proof of why I haven't broken anything and why my STOCK clutch looks better than most people's SANELY driven cars. Ask Greg to show you what I mean.
The hi-res pic shows the tires wrinkling like a mofo so all in all that is the only viable explanation for my success(luck):D

Good luck!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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