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While waitin' for the Z... had to make something...

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Since the truck was due yesterday (2/19) or today, and as of 11:45am it hasn't shown up... I thought I would design a "plate" for the rear end. I made a color print & laminated it at Kinkos. A real timewaster!

'73 Silver Roadster -gone
'89 Red Coupe -gone
'01 Quicksilver Z06 -coming (YEEEHAAAA)
'01 SLK320 Silver 6-Speed -Wife's vert/coupe
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Here ya go:

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, B&B PRT's with Speedway Tips, Ripper Shifter with Momo Knob, Chrome Z06 Wheels

Sherylann Calmes Black 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, Chrome Z06 Wheels

[email protected]
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Thanks Frank! I've been in Graphic Design since '71... but these here dadgum high falootin compooters is hard too werk sumtimes...
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Now that is what I want as my exhaust plate

Very Kewl

Kevin D. TRCC-127
T/R Z06 with mod Red/Black Interior.
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Hate to see you wait, but it looks like it was worth it (to us not waiting)... heh, heh...

Pretty cool...

Red/ModRed Z06
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