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Who else wants to bolt on '02 parts... will they work??

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Needless to say first thing I will order is the pipe from headers to cat that eliminates pup cats.
Is the Mass Air meter the exact same except for screen removal?? Is the sensor any different?? Already removed screen 2nd hour of ownership.
Have a donaldson filter so no need there.
Cam, springs might just wait till get really stupid with money and just make it a 383 stroker. Now there is what someone should really do!
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If you install long tube headers the pre-cats get cut out too, you will still pass inspection without pre ctats. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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In Florida,
we don't have emissions testings anymore, so we probably will have the fastests Z's anywhere.
Anyways, I think I hear that the 02' pistons are compatible with the 01' but not the other way around. The MAF sensor is te same but without the screen. You look alright with all of your other mods and potential mods. You should be on the right track.
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