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Who has TPIS headers?

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Looking for TPIS headers for the Z06 at a good price.

Quicksilver/Red Z06
Corsa Indy, B&M Ripper, Corvette Concepts Ram Air Induction

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Tom, Nate sells TPIS but I do not know who else does.

Carl V. *****Authorized Zaino Distributor*****
Huntingdon Valley, PA.** 2000 Magnetic Red Convertible **
** Corvette Club of Delaware Valley **
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FRC Tom- have them in stock sir! And at a great price!
Thanks hcvone! I still cant put you on my payroll though!Hehe


Nate Caro
Xtreme Motorsports/ Corvette Garage
Xtreme Motorsports
[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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