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Who's done a X-pipe on there Z06?

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I bought one months ago, and it's still sitting in the box in my garage. I can't decide if I should put it on.

If someone could tell me that I'm going to gain an honest 5rwhp, then I'll do it.

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Just wondering..... My friends 01coupe saw some gain on the dyno.

I hear it quiets things down in the exhaust department. Not sure I want to give that up for a few ponies.

So, any feed back would be nice.

2001 Z06 Quick Silver Stock dyno 346rwhp 342rwhp.
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Future mods- HRE 547's 18x9.5 fronts 19x11 rears,B&M ripper or Hurst shifter, Lowering approx .75in, Baer racing two-piece rotors,etc.
I have an xpipe and prefer the sound of the PRT's without it. If it gave me any additional hp I cannot feel it. It changes the overall tone of the PRT's and gets rid of some of the popping on decel. I like having the popping removed but do not care for the overall tone as well . On a previous C5 I had Corsa's and the addition of the xpipe made them sound better IMHO. I would suggest listening to the exhaust of your choice with and without the xpipe before making your decision.

2001 Z06 Torch Red/Blk
DRM long tube headers, B&B PRT Quad Ovals, MTI ram air, BPP air duct, Xtreme rolled exhaust plate, B&M ripper with Momo Combat/red, MSD wires, Splitfire plugs, CAGS.
I was thinking about an X pipe until I heard what it does to the PRT's. It totally eliminates the sound that I love so much. Obviously, there is not one in my future.


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