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I'd like to survey members with respect to their modifications. List 5 or 6 changes/modifications (in the order you did them) to your Corvette to improve performance/driveability/looks, etc. Why did you do them in that particular order?

I'm curious to see why some of us do certain things for different reasons, and why we do them in the order we do.

Just curious. Thanks for your input.


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Halltech T-1 Seemed like the most bang for the buck.
B&B Shorty Headers, wanted deeper sound more hp.
Plugs, wires, and 100 octane gas, just in case it helps.
Shifter will be next.

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Valentine One, Lowered 2 inches, Frame savers, ( I have some for sale, cheap), Halltech T-1 sidewinder, Hurst shifter (when it gets here). Baer eradispeed rotors and Long tube headers (soon):cheers:

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I did, in order:

Window tint
Vortex box
Ripper Shifter
Halltech Cobra
TPIS Longtubes/Magnaflow Xpipe/!cats
Eradispeed rotors/Hawk pads/SS lines

I did the window tint first, because the guy who tints my windows has a steep drive into his shop, and the lowered Vette wouldn't make it.

Lowered next cuz it was free and I had the spare time.

Vortex box next because it's the only part I could pick up locally, that I didn't order online, and it's cheap horsepower, and I had the spare time.

Ripper Shifter, just because it came in next...

Halltech Cobra, took longer to get here than the Shifter, so it went after *duh* :D

The longtubes, xpipe, and catalytic converter delete all go hand in hand, so they were all done at one time by myself, cuz I had the spare time, and I'm starting to run out of bolt-on modifications to do ;)

Eradispeed rotors/Hawk pads and SS lines, well, they look cool. :cheers:

My process is to bolt on everything I can before opening up the motor. Once the bolt ons are pretty much maxed then I'll open the motor and put a big ass .580+ lift cam in there, and yank down over 400 to the ground with stock heads and a stock bottom end.... WHOOO AAAHHHH! :lol:

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My first mod was the Vortex. I put them on both Z's about 2 months after I bought them. To me, it was definitely the best bang for the $$$.

Next, the Ripper. I used to miss 3rd gear in my '99 FRC and after reading reviews about the Ripper, I knew I needed one.

My next mod was the chromies on both Z's. Sorry, but not only do I want my Z to run well, but it has to look good too.

Finally, the B&B PRTs. Needed better sound!! :cool:

Not sure about my next mod, but it looks like long tube headers and an x-pipe will be next with the removal of the pup cats.

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. Lowered 1 1/2 frt, 2 rear( didn't like the 4x4 look),Ripper(hated "rowing the car"),Blackwing( good reviews on this site and Vette magazine),CAGS( Didn't like the shifter hanging up),A&A frame savers( the rocker panels are on the grd),DRM Roll Bar( love the looks of Roll Bars in cars),Lloyds mats( red to match the seats,etc),TPIS LT headers( looking for that magic 400HP).

Z06 Maniac!!
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1. Before my car had 20 miles on it, I installed my Ripper (don't want to miss any gears on hard shifts), Corsa Indys (need that killer sound), an aftermarket airfilter (gotta breathe), and lowered an inch or so (gotta kill that 4x4 look).

2. Euro tails (wife insisted).

3. A few miles later, DRM long tubes (first step in the head/cam package) and a 19 rwhp and 19 rwt increase.

4. The head/cam package (had to have over 400 rwhp).

5. DRM roll bar and Crow harnesses (over 400 rwhp and some previous history of need. :eek:

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1st. CAGS disabler.......just because the skip shift sucks

2nd. Bazooka Bass improve stereo sound

3rd. HallTech get 02 power from my 01

4th. Breathless Bar and racing harness...mostly for looks

5th. ZO6 exhaust all of the ricers speed racers will think twice when they come up behind didn't work.....but the engine works nicely....they end up behind me all over again

6th. B&M Ripper....for rippin throough the gears

No particular reason for the order

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1. Z06 exhaust plate, had a viper ride my ass the 4th day I had the car. Guy finally pulls up next to me and says, oh I did not relize it was a Z06, so I had to get something on the rear to say Z06

2. Chrome rear and front letter, because they look cool

3. Red door surrounds, shift boot, brake boot. Needed more red in the interior

4. Red and black wheel wrap. Still needed more red

5. Red lloyds Z06 mats. I needed more red

6. Red fuel rail covers with chrome letters. Needed brighter red on the engine.

That was the first 6. First mechanical mode comming with the Hurst!!

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1. Door sill emblems, Trunk Lid Cover for looks
2. T-1 Sidewinder and TRIC
3. Lloyd Z06 mats all around

4. '02 MAF ( for the sidewinder - stock is an '01 which I want to leave the screen in)
5. Hurst shifter and short boot soon
6. Convertible trunk hole cover
7. Polished wheels
8. MAF Translator

Thinking about:
New exhaust and headers
Upgrade Plugs and Wires

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Why mods? Why not!

1. Looks - Z06 SS Sill Plates, Z06 SS Rear Plate, Underhood "Badge of Honor", Racing Fender Stripes, Brake vent screens, cowl vent screens (pending), rear Fascia screens (pending), Lloyds Z06 Mats, Speed lingerie Bra/Mirror Covers, Mod/Red Okole Seat Covers

2. Handeling - Penske Double Adjustable Racing Shocks with Reservoirs and custom valving, Competition Alignment, Lowered

3. Braking - Mallett Pads, Cryo'd Rotors, Racing Brake Fluid

4. Safety - Brey Krause Harness Bar, Simpson 6 point belts (OK, they look kewl too!), Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount, Chassis Shop/Pro Werks billet Bottle Mount/Bar Mounts, Race Craft/Fire Safe 20#/3 head Halon Fire suppresion system, General 2.5# Halon Fire Extinguisher

5. Performance - Sunoco GT100/100 octane race gas, KN Air Filter, Hoosier AutoX Tires, CCW Chrome Racing wheels. GoodyearZRS Rain Tires, Fikse racing wheels, Hoosier racing Slicks, Dymag Special Magnesium Wheels. Corsa Titanium Racing Exhaust (pending), Redline Waterwetter, 178 degree TStat. Pro Cooler pre-Race Bag, Silverstone Plugs, Magnecor Wires

6. Mandatory - Speedway Graphics #'s and class markings, SCCA stickers, Contigency stickers

7. Convienience - Hood seal, door sill seals, inerior cowl vent screen, gas bib, spoiler reinforcement plates, Evo IV Car Cover

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I'm sorry Chevrolet did not think to offer a RED interior for you, but it sounds like you've done all you can to get the RED incorporated.

How about posting a pic of your interior. It sure sounds different and I'd love to see it.


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Very very First - CAGS Eliminator :)

1) Protection from the Elements:
A - Stongard (full package)
B - Sill protection covers
C - Floor mat plastic protection covrs
D - Zaino

2) Apperance:
A) Rear Center cover
B) BAER Eradispeed rotors
C) Phantom Rear License Plate Grill
D) Z06 Exhaust Plate

3) Maintenance:
A) Oil Changes w/mag plug.
B) Tranny Oil Change w/mag plug
C) Differential Oil Change/w mag plug

A) Donaldson Backwing Air Intake
B) High Flow Coupler
C) 02 Exhuast
D) Ripper

C) Headers
D) AutoTap

Rollin :D

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Ripper - Because the stock shifter is soooooo sh&tty
too stiff, so I bought a Kirban, and before it's over I will buy the Hurst and try it, so if you can wait, I will have 2 shifters to sell!!

Halltech T1 - Performance, looks

B&B shorty headers - Look cool

Next up - Harness Bar - looks

Eradispeeds Looks, safety

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Tinted windows,,,just because it was the first thing I could get done.
z06 trunk lid liner,,,it looked :cool:
trunk hole cover,,, to cut down interior road noise
corvette concepts speed shifter,,,the stocker was junk
air intake systems(multiple) looking for H.P.
178 thermostat and adj fan controller,,,,cooler is better
corvette concepts 8" antenna,,,looks good
water bypass tube to intake,,,,cooler is still better
front brake duct screens,,,,looked neat
hurst shifter(to be installed),,,just to experiment/haven't done it yet because I'm naturally lazy.:D
next thing on deck is exhaust work(just undecided on which way to go with it)


:D :D

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Kind of in the same ball park as Rippied Z06. Got my Z back in August of 2000.

My first "mod' was a set of C5 LLoyds mats, because the stock mats are colorless.

Then I put in a K&N filter with a modified air box lid. Felt a little HP increase.

Then I got the itch for some more HP and sent the car to DRM, where it currently is.

DRM have done the Z06 cam and heads package with the addition of hardened chrome moly push rods, titanium retainers, and stainless steel valve springs, along with LT headers, which got rid of the pre-cats. Not sure, but the stainless steel valves may be oversized now too, i have to check on this. Car is currently getting the ECM programming done, and dyno

They have also added a ported throttle body, just recently, good for an additional 10HP

A Centerforce clutch has also been added, because the stock 01 clutch is too weak IMHO.

Next comes a Hallltech T-1 in lieu of the Donaldson intake, maybe. They are testing the T-1 as we speak on a 427cid car, and have promised to put it on mine to see if it improves over the Donaldson, they put on.

I also have a Hurst shifter coming soon from RG at Exit 28, with a nice Momo Phantom to top it off. The DRM guys are very nice to work with, as Ron M. can attest.

That should hold me for awhile, as I'am out of mod $$ for now.

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Well I could possibly be the sickest dude on this forum.....:guiness:

My car won't even be delivered until April 15th, and here is my list of mods sitting in my garage, waiting to go on:

Extreme Partition W/405hp logo
CAGS eliminator
Gas cap protector flap(seems like a good idea)
Rear compartment covers
Spare wheels being chromed
Center Caps with proper flag logos on order
Chrome lug nut cap set on order
Toyo Proxes T1-S tires:yeadog: :yeadog: :yeadog:
Hurst shifter on order
Short Shifter boot on order
Extreme 6-speed polished knob(real nice!)
Shirts for the boy and I on order

Some intake system
Drilled/vented rotors
Maybe looooong tube headers
Lloyd's rear compartment mat with red trim.

Yeah I got the Z-Flu bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I swore to myself I wanted to keep it stock
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I had many mods sitting in the garage before the Z arrived too. :D :D
Just gotta do it or you go insane waiting!!

I can't even remember what I did when.. I think I've been doing 2 - 4 modes every other weekend :lol:

SS Stripes - looks :cool:
Stonegard - keeps chips to a minimum
Frame saver kit - a must if you lower it
V1 - 'cause I like to drive fast :D :D
White Euro lights - looks :cool: and I hope drivers behind me will pay more attention.
Yellow interior - wanted a different look
Hurst Shifter - I've always liked Hurst shifters in my other cars and the stock shifter sucks.
Billit shift knob - you just can't put a stock knob on a Hurst
Decal kit - looks :cool:
T1 - Mainly for the ease of added power, but since I won it from this killer site I had to install it :lol:
Partition - sound and feel of seperate trunk
Polished wheels - look sweet
tons of other mods 'cause I can't stop buying :cool: stuff :lol:

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I can't even remember the order that the mods were done since there were sooooo many. However, I go for the styling mods more than the performance mods. Here is my reasoning.

I love the lines of the car so I wanted to enhance them slightly with the RK Sport hood and Spectre werks rear fascia. I also like the look of the SS lines that chevy produces, so I had to have the stripes.

Had to upgrade the wheels and brakes to look as good as they perform, so the chrome wheels and Eradispeeds were needed.

The interior was too loud and not as funcitonal as I wanted so I installed the FRC partition and had the storage compartment/cup holder/CD rack made. Of cousre the stereo also had to be upgraded.

Perfomance was fine with the stock Z06, but I did add the Vortex and ripper.

The car needed a little flash so the carbon fiber interior and engine compartment were installed.

Of course there are also the myriad of decals and screens to give the car the finished look.

These are in no particular order, but this is the reasoning behind some of the mods.
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