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After doing all the searching I could on the forums I found that it is infact possible (and has been done) to add the complete memory option and telescoping steering to a car that does not have those options. I have PM'ed a few people that have done it and have not heard back yet. I will be buying my parts through Gene at Karshop.
Basically my only road block is that the wiring I will need to connect the memory door switch, door control module, telescoping steering, and memory seat track module will not be in my 99 hardtop that does not have memory or telescoping steering. For now I will not be adding the memory/electrochromatic mirrors.
I asked Gene at Karshop if there would be anyway to get the wiring harnesses/bundles from a car that has the options. If this is not possible what do you guys think the best way of getting everything wired up would be? Does anyone have wire diagrams or know where to get them?
Just looking for some tips from guys that have done it.

Thanks very much,
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