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As I type this out, our warehouse in CO is seeing 6* outside and tons of the white stuff falling. Lows overnight will reach -15* (yes that's a negative) making this some record breaking weather for us here.

FedEx has already made an announcement that many shipments all over the US will be delayed in the next few days. Typically with weather this severe we see delays in inbound raw materials for product as well which can slow a few things down for us.

The biggest impact will be freezing/frozen products in transit. We do our very best to prevent this by not shipping orders on Fridays unless necessary. Why do we do this?

An order picked up by FedEx on Friday will sit in a trailer at the hub over the weekend, meaning its exposed to the freezing temps and the contents inside freeze. Orders shipped Monday thru Thursday continue to move and are in and out of hub facilities even when the weather outside is bad. Please be patient if your shipment is delayed a day or 2, we are doing this to make sure you receive product in the best shape possible.

A couple of things you can do to prevent freezing -

  • 2nd day and next day shipments will never be 'sitting' so if you don't mind paying a few extra $$ for the express options do so.
  • Be there to take delivery. If you won't be home, have it sent to your office or somewhere a person can bring it indoors (if you live in a cold climate).
What if your order is frozen when it arrives? Most products are fine if they are slushy, just let them thaw back to room temperature gradually (don't heat them). After they've thawed shake them well and visually inspect for issues. Car Wash for example will have visual separations in the chemical if its beyond saving. if you have any questions just call.

As always we provide warranty on any item that is damaged in transit so if you feel your order is impacted and needs to be replaced call our customer service and we'll be happy to help! (866)965-0400
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