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OK hers what I did:

1. scanned photos to my C drive C:\
(there are 2 sub files AOL and "download but my vette pics are just on the main C drive menu

2. Got on the Z06 web site via AOL and clicked on "New Thread"

3. typed in the appropriate "SUBJECT" area and a quick text message for the pic

4. scrolled down to "Attatch File" and then clicked on the "Browse" button; this brought up a window "Choose File" which already had "Download" and a file icon in the box.

5. since my vette pics aren't there I hit the down select arrow and it brought up the whole "Desktop" algorithim of which C:\ drive was a selection above "Download". I clicked on C:\ drive and there were many files of pics. I scrolled over to the diffferent Vette pics and selected the appropriate one and double clicked.

6. The File name appeared in the "File Name" box and I then hit the "Open button". "The Choose File" box disappeared and the File name with the C:/ icon plus .bmp appeared in the box next to "Browse". Cool I thought.

7. Next I hit the Preview key but there was no Pic. I then scrolled back up to the top of the "Post New Thread box and hit the "IMG" key. This imported the Pic title to the message. OK now we're cooking, so I thought. I hit the "Submit" button and got the message sent notice.

8. I exited the web site and rebooted, reentered the web site and found my newly posted message, I clicked on the Pic title highlited by IMG's and there were my images in all the other posts as well.

10 When I got to work today I fired up the lap top and went to the site again only to find everyone calling my the village idiot and sure enough there were all the little red Xes instead of the pics.

SO What went wrong and how can I import a pic file to a forum post like I can an email???

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The BMP's were too large. The database rejected them.

Browse.... actually uploads an image onto the server, IMG calls the image from a server.

Anyway, here's the fix:

Convert them to a jpg (under 100k each) and use attach or throw them on a server and use the IMG tag.....


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