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Hello Everyone, My name is Dan and I drive a 2004 CE Z16 when I can. I am an expat living in Italy with the leaning tower. I brought my car over and have converted it to EU specs as they were sold over here in 2004. The car had the cam, exhaust, and CAI changed before I bought it, but I had it dyno'd showing a respectable 408hp on the ground with 400 lbft. I just got back from my pilgrimage to LeMans to watch the race. Not too good this year, but it is always an adventure.
My "Monster" as the italians call it :) is currently on the injured reserve list. I have developed a low oil pressure condition on my return from LeMans. I am waiting on an adaptor for the oil filter mount and a hand held oil pressure gauge to see if the sensor is lying to me. I have changed the oil and filter looking for signs of metal shavings, but luckily finding no glitter. I also do not have any lifter noise. The system does indicate pressure once above idle, but is nothing like it was before. 2k rpm yields 38 psi. Looking through my factory service manual I see a relief valve in the oil pump and a bypass at the oil filter mount. I can check the bypass easily from under the car, but am trying to identify the problem as best I can without simply tearing into the motor and/or throwing lots of money down the drain.
I can get AC Delco parts pretty easily here and compared with import customs and tariffs, it is usually easier to get locally from a dealer.
If any one has some words of wisdom and experience in how to diagnose such symptoms, I would appreciate the information.

Nice to be here and a part of the forum,
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