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Z06 for sale

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Torch Red/Blk
3915 miles
License Plate Frame,BSM(removed),Floor Mats,only options.
The car pulls 343.4 RWHP & 343.6 RWTQ

$47,000 (will listen to offers)

Mike 912-386-1416
Email [email protected]
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I see alot of folks have looked at my add.Well, any of the next viewers, I just want ya'll to know that my asking price is not firm,I'm willing to make someone a good deal on the car.

If alot of you are wondering "why?", It's because I have 3 more cars at the house and the wife wants to redo some things in the house,by some furniture,things I don't understand! I made her a promise and she's holding me too it!!!

Frank...Yeah,it does suck!!My wife is a very kind women,she has given up quite a many things so that I can have my big boy toys!She was even nice enough to give up her 01 Mag Red coupe so that I could get the Red Z06!So in turn I gave up my 95 ZR1 so she could have a 00 Blk/LO coupe!

I wish I could keep this car cause I really love it,but not to fear, I will not be Z06less as my 1000 mile Blk/Red Z06 is currently going through some changes to make it what I think the cars should be!!This car will be sitting in the garage next to my 91 ZR1,a fine living room suit was passed bye, so that car could become a 520HP+ 368!!Life ain't all bad!!!

Anyway,if I have to give this car up to make things even out so that she will continue to allow me too play with my toys (with less than average bitchin')then its' well worth it!!

Just for the hell of it, I decided to put the car back on the dyno at the 4000 mile mark! I was curious to see if the warmer temps would have any effect on the car!!

New numbers: 349.8 rwhp & 347.9 rwtq!!!

Willing to make someone a good deal!!
This car now has 4600 miles!!!

$44,000 OBO

912 386 1416


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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