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Z06 headers in stock...TTS long tube and B&B shorties

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We have 2001 Headers in stock from TTS as well as B&B, for your Z06. Free ground shipping is included.


A weight savings with the B&B's along with less labor on the installion, about 2.5 hours, tops are a couple of benefits of these recently released headers. They are half the weight of the stock Z06 manifolds currently on the car. An all stainless steel construction in a true step header design worth 11-15 extra horses.


The TTS offer a few more ponies and torque down low and are the best quality out there. Design/coating/flanges/workmanship, you name it, they are the best I have seen on after market headers in this class. Figure a 6 hour install with these.

Please email me if interested in pricing information.



email: [email protected]
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I have an EB 02 Z06 on order and one of the mods I am contemplating is headers. I have heard great things about the quality and power potential of the TTS headers on a motor that is mostly stock.

Here are my questions: Are these headers coated inside and out (in my previous experience these coatings make a substantial difference in reducing heat and improving thermal efficiency); and if the '02's still have the pup or pre converters, will removing these cause the car to fail emissions testing? We have fairly rigorous testing here in Northern Va, car on dyno, different RPMs, etc.

Thanks for your help on this!
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