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Do a search on 0300 will will get lots of ideas.
The mech had to take the Headers lose when he did the clutch. So I'd look to either a cracked plug or a bad plug wire.

P0300: PCM determines that an emission type misfire present or determines that catalyst damaging misfire is present.
Potential causes are numerous, but include:
- restricted fuel filter
- running out of fuel
- excessive vibration from another source
A scan tool may be able to tell what cylinder is misfiring.

As for causes, they are numerous, shooting from the hip here based on things that could have gone wrong.
- fouled plugs
- loose plugs wires
- all of the above for MAP problem
- restricted fuel filter
- stock fuel injector (I had one stick open - noted by significantly reduced gas mileage and one bank of fuel trim significantly different from the other side)

- mechanical failure inside the motor

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