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Hi there, new guy here and 1st post.

Was wondering if anyone has compiled a list of relevant Z06 magazine articles to date. I've done this with the GN & GNX articles but would like to get started collecting Z06 articles. (I will be ordering soon)



87 Buick GNX 1st Non Corvette Ever to be displayed on the Front turn style at the National Corvette Museum

Check out more photos at the National Corvette Museum
96 C4, and a bunch of 86-87 GN's and soon to be Z06

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Welcome to the forum! Are you ordering a black Z? I bought my red Z 3 weeks ago.
Back in '86 I worked for GM and was able to tag a mileage GN from one of our execs. Sold it, and ordered a new '87 GN. Then was able to tag another '87 GN from the GM tech center. We had his & hers G'Nationals! Unfortunately I discovered my GN to be stolen from work. Two weeks later, my wife had hers stolen from her office parking lot!
Both were found stripped and abandoned. True story...I still have great memories and respect for that car! Enjoy your GNX, it is a classic!


Red/Black Z06 with 107 miles on it.


Welcome. I have a realative of yours an 89 turbo TA...What a beast. I have run a 12;29
@ 113.92 with slicks. The enging was never touched, normal tweaks. I just got my z and although its still sloppy where i live, i have 48 miles on it and it feels great. The GNX was an awsome Muscle car Dennis

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