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Z06 Mid Year Production #s

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Here is a link for the mid year production numbers for the Z06.

Quicksilver/Red Z06
Corsa Indy, B&M Ripper, Corvette Concepts Ram Air Induction

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Interesting statistics. Only 7% white Z06's while the "rare" millenium yellow comes in at 11%. Glad I ended up with the white.


2001 Corvette Z06 SS

E-Mail: [email protected]
National Corvette Museum Member #4641
2001 Speeday White Z06 Corvette SS
2001 Navy Blue Metallic Coupe
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Thanks for the update.

Kevin D. TRCC-127
T/R Z06 with mod Red/Black Interior.
Great information, Tom!! Thanks!!

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, B&B PRT's with Speedway Tips, Ripper Shifter with Momo Knob, Chrome Z06 Wheels

Sherylann Calmes Black 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, Chrome Z06 Wheels

[email protected]
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I see someone else has the same exact car as me.


Quick Silver ZO6
Modified Red interior
Ripper w/ Momo knob
Vortex Ram Air
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What about "Memory" and Electrochromatic Mirrors?

Rich Gardner
C5 Registry # Y3615
2001 Black / Mod Red
Breathless Vortex Intake
West Coast PowerDuct
Corsa Indy's w/ Pro Tips
Corsa Cross-Over Pipe
Momo Combat Shifter Knob (Red)
Z06 Exhaust Plate
Lloyds Z06 Mats
Dark Tint
OEM Chrome Wheels (Coming Soon!)
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Say, what's that JL4 (active brake control) option ?

Best Regards,
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Thanks Tom for the data!


Red/Black Z

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