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Z06 the attention getter

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I haven't mentioned this on the forum yet and I should have. I bought my yellow Z at Maxie price in Atlanta and drove it home to Orlando where I live. On the way down I-75 in Georgia I got pulled over twice in a bout 1/2 hour. Got 1 ticket, next cop let me off after I showed him that I had just got my car and just got a ticket too. I wasn't used to this. I was going 88 both times following my ride up who was going at least the same speed. I guess thats the price you pay to have a Z.
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Do you have a Radar Detector? That's the price you pay when you have a color that would stood out in the crowd. It's not neccessary a Yellow Vette, it could be a yellow Neon and you'd be targeted.

I was going to get a yellow Z, but thought of all the attention, good and bad, I backed out and got me a QS.

Enjoy.....and keep it away from the bad people.....
I would suggest you invest in a V1 or Bel 980. Yellow seem to be worst than Torch Red /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I have no radar detector. It's not always a bad thing that a car draws alot of attention though.
Don't think a detector will help. They track MY Z06s from space, even at night
I guess the fact that I actually was going 20 mph over the speed limit didn't help in not getting pulled over
M3NOMORE... TRUE!! ...but don't kid yourself... TR is not exactly hard for low earth orbit satellites to track (even at night!!) /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif


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Throttle Depressed. Driver Very Happy. Beware the "427 Z06"...It's coming!
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Tell me about it... I'm not used to the kind of attention the yellow thing is getting. Luckily I run a V1, hope it helps when I really need it!!!
I agree Harly, but I use Zaino Z-2.1 Show Car Polish and Broad Spectrum Anti-Satellite Diffuser coupled with the Valentine 2 Radar, Laser, & Infrared scrambler w/active decoy modulator. To a satellite, my TR Z looks like a bright white Volkswagen Beetle, the old style. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_lol.gif
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