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Z06 Tribute to #3

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I finally got some pictures with the big #3 on back of the Z! Damn, I sure miss Big E racing on Sundays. I'm even more upset I didn't go see the C5Rs rocking in Daytona. I've got my killer 1:18 #3 C5R sitting right on top of my office computer though.

I took these with my little Nikon point-n-shoot. Wish I could get a better one that shows my tag and the #3 in the same picture. I never thought I'd put a racing sticker on it, but I did the day after the accident, and will keep it there for one year.

I'll be working on more pictures. Love my Z!

Miss you big E!
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It's amazing the number of fans Dale had. Every race is a reminder of Dale's accident and how much of an impact he made throughout the racing industry. As many have said, it won't be the same without him. Nascar has changed and become more focused on the corporate world and if someone like a young Dale Earnhardt surfaced today, he could never survive in this "new" environment.
I watch the races on the weekends when I can, but now I don't mind missing one like I used to.
I do have one question for ya.... where'd ya get the #3 sticker? Is it a vinyl that goes inside? I've been trying to find a vinyl one for the inside and haven't found one yet....
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