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I got the same Email and fortunately at this time I have no need for it. :cheers:

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It is one of the best swirl removers I have ever used.

Yes, I have tried it and LOVE it, see my detailed evaluation below...

By Hand
I have used it by hand using a slightly dampened 100% cotton wash
cloth and with Viper Micro Fiber rag. It will leave the surface
(black paint) with a very very very slight haze that is only visible
under bright flourescents and/or halogen lighting and can be removed
by applying 1 coat of zaino (or probably any LSP/sealant) leaving the
surface crystal clear and swirl free.

By Porter Cable ROB
I have used it with both Meguiars yellow and white and yellow
(polishing and finishing) and Lake Country white and grey (polishing
and finishing) pads with a speed of anywhere between 3.5 and 5.5 with
excellent results and no visible signs of hazing or marring. Product
is ready to be wiped off (work completed) in a moderate amount of time
with very little dusting leaving the surface shinier than products
such as Poorboys 1 and Menzerna FPII or P085rd.

By Rotary
I have used it with both Meguiars white finishing pad and a 3m waffle
polishing pad at a speed of 2.5 Approx 1400 rpm's. It leave the
surface with a crystal clear shine and can be worked in a moderate to
little amount of time with residue easily being wiped off leaving the
surface ready to be zaino'd without any additional prep work. It even
seems to sling a little less than most products when used with rotary.
Will remove mild to moderate swirls and scratches.

I think this product is another winner product and am glad to
see it released. It definetly fills a void in the Zaino lineup and
eliminates the need for a dawn wash and ensures that the surface is
prepped properly before applying Zaino. I think this will result in
less customer issues and overall better customer satisfaction.

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Some more of my test results, I love this stuff...

I have been thinking about trying Optimum Polish recently since it
boast some pretty impressive claims but I figured since I loved
Zaino's Fusion so much I wonder if it will perform as good or better.
I will post what Optimum claims (On AutoGeek) at the bottom of this

So I ask my neighbor if I can use his old pickup for this test and he
gladly agrees. The hood on this truck is in horrible condition with
water spots all over it and major swirls and scratches from improper
washing techniques, sliding boxes across it and probably even just
wiping dirt off with a dry rag. I wet sand the hood in 3 spots with
1500, 2000, and 3000 grit paper. The picture of the hood with wet
sanding does not represent how bad a shape this hood was really in
but you get the idea.

One of Optimums claims is that it will remove 1500 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM
so I set my set my buffer at 1000 and have at it. It removed the 2000 and 3000 scratch marks with no trouble at all (see picture with 1/2 hood done).

I try the 1500 scratches and it seems to be removing them but was not
as quick as the 2000 marks were so I figured Optimum claims that if
you increase the aggressiveness of the pad it works as a more
aggressive polish would so I throw on a red cutting pad still at 1000
rpm and woola, 1500 sanding scratches are gone in no time and even
comes up nice enough that I could go straight to a LSP if I wanted. I
decided to throw on the polishing pad anyway and went over it and
tried some of the areas that were not sanded. With just a polishing
pad and Fusion with the buffer speed @1000 it removed major water
marks, scratches and swirls. I figured let me compare it to my old
favorite so I did an area with Menzerna IP. I found to my amazement
that the Zaino Fusion seemed more aggressive and removed more faster
than IP. Now I am really impressed. So I give it a try by hand. I
put an X of product across one of Zaino's applicator pads and do a
spot on the fender that had alot of scratches and water marks and
AGAIN, to my amazement it comes out perfect. Needless to say that
after I dropped my neighbors truck off he wants a bottle of Zaino
Fusion (SSR) for himself.

AutoGeek/Optimum said:
One polish does it all!

If we could create the perfect polish, it would be really easy to use
and fix just about any paint problem. Some hobbyists live for long
afternoons spent compounding and polishing, but some of us want to get
the desired results quickly and spend the rest of the afternoon
cruising in our shiny, clean cars. Optimum read our minds when they
created Optimum Polish. That's it. That's the whole name, because they
only make one polish. They packed all the paint-improving,
swirl-removing power they could into one versatile formula that really

Optimum Polish is a thick cream loaded with proprietary polymers and
microfine polishing agents that quickly remove – not hide – scratches
and swirls to restore your paint to pristine condition. It can be used
as a light compound, a swirl remover, and a finishing polish! You
might be wondering how one product can serve so many purposes. Well,
an integral part of achieving specific polishing results is what pad
you use. Optimum Polish is designed to be used with a machine polisher
and the desired pad to deliver the results you want, whatever they may
be. If you want to remove light scratches, use a light cutting pad
with this polish. If you are interested in refining the paint before
you apply wax, use a polishing pad. Your pad selection dictates how
aggressively this polish works!

According to Optimum Polymer technologies, Optimum Polish will remove
1500 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. Faster buffer speed
is not needed with this product. When using a light cut foam pad at
1000-1400 RPM the polish will remove 2000 and lighter sand scratches
on most paint surfaces. A final finishing foam pad will remove swirl
marks at 1000-1400 RPM. Always apply enough polish to maintain a layer
of lubrication between the paint surface and the pad. Wipe off residue
by misting the surface with Optimum Car Wax.

Optimum Polish is a very gentle formula. It will not contribute to new
swirls. Use it by hand for pre-wax cleaning or final polishing.

Optimum Polish meets all VOC regulations and is body shop safe.

Remove scratches and swirls, and refine your paint with one product.
Optimum Polish's paint safe proprietary formula allows you to control
the aggressiveness of the polish so you always get the desired result.

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My son has a fresh paint job on his truck, (two weeks old). He has color sanded it and buffed. I'm going to try this new Zaino product on it to see if I can bring up any more shine.


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Bambeezer said:
I got an email this week anouncing the new product Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover.

Has anyone used it yet? It may not have been out long enough for anyone to test yet. I'm excited Zaino finally put out a true swirl remover. I plan to buy it with my next order.
"A product update". My son rubbed and buffed his new paint to a quality shine using 3M's Perfect-it products. He had always helped me out in the garage when I was painting cars but never had anything to do with color sanding or buffing. To much work he would say. From a very young age he was always by my side and took a liking to working on cars and he's now a first class engine machinist and builder. Race engines and car's are his passion. His truck's paint project has really been an eye opener for him. He has worked his butt off to make his 14 year old full size short bed Chevy into a fine transportation piece turned custom.

I had to almost beg him to try Zaino's Z-PC Fusion compound. Dad I don't think it can shine any more than it does right now was his response. I forced it on him last Saturday night and told him to just go home and try it on one fender and give it back if he didn't like it. To make this long story short he loved it. He and his wife spent most of Sunday afternoon hand polishing that truck. With an hour phone call last night he sang the praises of this product. He used it followed by Z2 then Z8 that I also gave him. Can't wait to see it myself.

All of this from a kid that wouldn't clean up his bedroom.


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lol, i have to say that the the z-PC does worked. Infact when i was about to store my z for winter i notice some scratches before the door. Use z-pc with MF towel and withing 1min of buffing it disapeared. So for the unbelivers, yes it does work and this is on a black car. Come Spring time i will do the entire car with it.
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