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Zero to 60 in 4 sec....yes

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I had congratulated Andy Pilgrim last week via e-mail on his super C5-R podium finish at ROLEX, and since he owns a Z06, I asked him if he has hit the 0-60 in 4 secs flat plateau.

He answered me this morning...."By the way, I have done a 4 sec 0-60 in the Z06. You have to get the clutch out very quickly at low revs to stick the rear and then speed shift second. It has to be a good surface and warm tyres. AP" (don't forget he's British).

There it is!

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I had no doubt it's possible.
I just cant seem to do it. My best run so far was 4.4 . Which I was pretty happy with, being the average joe. I had a hard time getting the tires to stick at first. This was at normal air pressure, and stock.

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Sounds like the way to go...will try Andy's tip after mine gets broke in....thanks!


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Whether I ever pull it off or not, just knowing that one of you can back me up is just fine with me...

And think, every manufacturer out there is trying to prove their X cars are equal to a Z06...

Red/ModRed Z06
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