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ZO6 Decision

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How long did it take everyone to decide on purchasing a ZO6, whether it was a 01' or an 02'?

Originally, I had decided on buying a 01' Torch Red coupe with Torch Red interior. After I finished putting all of the options that I wanted on it, which included the 1SC package, BSM's, high polished rims, both the color matched and the glass top, and the 6 speed transmission, this C5 coupe was at almost $47K. It only had 350HP and 375 FT/LBS. of Torque. I originally liked the lines of the coupe, especially the fastback design but the ZO6 lines kind of grew on me.

Lucky for me, the dealer had sold the car without letting me know because it took over 20 weeks for them to tell me that the car was finally at the dealership.

I guess that that was the biggest blessing because all of those weeks of waiting for the C5 made me want the ZO6 a lot more.

Price wise, it was only a difference of about $4K.

Well, after thatbad experienc with a dealer, my confidence with dealerships went straight down the drain. This caused me to wait a while before ordering my ZO6.

I then started hearing rumors about the 02' ZO6 which prompted me to wait a little bit longer before ordering the ZO6.

Finlly, on June 20th, the rumors finally became a reality and I sure am glad that I waited until now to order this car.

So, what made you decide on gettng the ZO6?
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In all honesty, the Z06 is new KOTH Corvette with all the appropriate "bragging rights" bestowed that come with that title.

But, to me and perhaps more importantly, it is the long awaited restoration of "pride in the USA" that has rightfully returned to Corvette.

The 2002 Z06 exceeds the former milestone set by the 1990 ZR-1 with the magnificent (but still foreign) Lotus LT5 engine. Now, that same (actually higher) level of engine performance is available in the latest reincarnation of an American original, a small block Chevy V8. Thanks to Corvette Development and GM Powertrain engineers who do "more with less", we have a 400 pound lighter (and safer) car with an American pedigree with all the right credentials. The illustrious #s of 405hp and 400ft-lbs in the enhanced (yet still relatively "low tech") all aluminum LS6 engine is a very
significant milestone in the 48 year history of Corvettes. In equivalent gross horsepower #s before the advent of "net" SAE measured HP in all cars since 1972, the new LS6 is the highest specific engine power output in a production built Corvette ever, even more
than the best of the big blocks of the mid
60s. And with immensely better gas mileage, virtually no pollution, and actually far less
cubic inches.

I didn't think this was ever going to happen again, and the muscle car era was never to be again. Guys, this is truly something to stand up and cheer about!!!

Unlike the ZR-1, the Z06 as successor to the title of KOTH, some 12 years later, is 100%
All AMERICAN. We can all take great pride in being owners of the best of the best, and such a history making car.
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